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Monday, 7 May 2012

Resume Template for Accounting Job

Accounting job in itself is a very challenging task. There are varieties of job in accounting field such as accountant, cashier, senior clerk, accounting manager and many more. After writing a good cover letter the most important part remains is resume writing. As there is a saying good beginning is half the task done, so make sure start of your resume should be impressive enough to hold employers attention further. Making use of accounting resume templates will help you a lot as in you will get to know the current formats of resume which are accepted widely. You will also get a proper logical flow of information for your resume and there are many such advantages of using it.

This template should include all your accounting skills as well as all your achievements and work experience. There are many silly mistakes which tend to happen when we write resume on our own such as we may use 'I' while writing a resume. You can avoid many such mistakes by making use of resume template. 

Many free templates for accounting resume along with samples are available today which are much more efficient than that of paid ones. So prepare your resume and get ready for your dream job.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Accounting Assistant Cover Letter

    Accounting assistant is a part of team which is responsible for maintaining an efficient and accurate accounting function.

    Accounting assistant cover letter is same as that of other cover letters in terms of format but description would be in reference to context with this job position.

    Take a look on below given format and draft your own by filling your own genuine information.

Accounting Assistant Cover Letter

Your name and address
mail id
Contact Number 


Name of employer 

(Recruiters name),
Re: Application for Accounting Assistant
I hereby apply for the post of an Accounting Assistant with reference to the notice posted online on which I saw on date. I have worked in some highly reputed companies in Massachusetts where I was located before. I have shifted lately in North Hampshire. I possess all the qualities you have specified in the notice. Kindly have a look at my resume.

Thank you for your time and considering my letter.
Yours Sincerely,
Your name.


Letter of Recommendation
Relieving letter
Experience Letter
Copy of Latest Salary Slip
Address Proof
Identity Proof.

    An impressive cover letter along with a good resume is the key to success.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Accounting Manager Cover Letter

    Cover letter is not a job application, but it is only a document that introduces you to the employer. Resumes are quite lengthier and take a lot of time to go through them thoroughly. Employers will not read your resumes completely and hence your chances of getting selected are reduced. You have the alternative of cover letter for your resume. But it is alone not sufficient for getting you an interview call. You have to send it along with your resume. It will give a brief idea about your job relevant skills and qualifications to the employer. You can design a cover letter depending on the position you are applying for. Here is the accounting manager cover letter sample to help you know how to draft a job letter for accounting positions. Go through the sample and get detailed idea on presenting the information in accounting job letters. 
Accounting Manager Cover Letter

Arthur A. Phair
1496 Rardin Drive
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Contact No. - 940-768-4293
E-mail ID –
Date: 16th December 2010
Lawrence S. Walters
Jackson and Johnson Manufacturing Co. Ltd
4590 Olen Thomas Drive
Rosston, TX 76263
Dear Mr. Walters,
With reference to the job description posted by you¸ I found myself suitable for the position of Accounting Manager and hence I am sending an updated copy of my CV to apply for the job. I request you to accept my application for the job.
Going through my resume, you will find that I am strong at setting up a business communication and have developed strong leadership qualities from my previous employments which are quite important for the managerial positions. I am also well acquainted with the current trends in the field of accounting and have handled numerous accounting projects in the past. My analytical skills have helped me a lot in my work. I am recognized for my high degree of expertise and adaptability in the accounting and finance field.
As I possess most of the necessary skills and relevant qualifications demanded by you in the job description, I believe that I can definitely contribute in the company growth. I would welcome the opportunity for the personal interview and discuss   my   profile in detail.
Hope to meet you soon
Arthur A. Phair
You can refer this accounting cover letter sample to design your job letter. Make sure to include your major skills, and job specific qualifications in your letter. Keep it short and to the point to hold the interest of the  reader in reading it completely.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mistakes to avoid in Accounting Cover Letter

Accounting positions need accuracy and perfection. A person working in this field should possess the necessary skills that can help him get attention from hiring managers. When you are writing an accounting cover letter, you need to target it to match the requirements of the job and demands of the prospective employer. Job seekers make some simple mistakes while designing their accounting resume cover letter. You can get a winning cover letter if you avoid these mistakes in your job letter. 

Accounting Cover Letter Mistakes

Accounting skills are of crucial importance in accounting cover letters. Working in such position in any company, you will be handling the complicated office documentation and maintaining all the financial and account records for the company. Hence, you should be skilled in calculations and accounting. Listing this knowledge in your cover letter will definitely get you noticed. Here are some of the mistakes that occur while writing your accounting cover letters and those should be avoided.

Failing to Personalize your Cover Letter

Remember that cover letter is a personal document that discusses the information that is not provided in your resume. It is not a summary of your CV, but it provides the information about the candidate that is not included in CV. It is important to personalize your cover letter and include the information that employer is expecting rather than what you want to tell.

Weak Start

Weak start to your job letter will leave a bad impression on the recruiter. Making sufficient research and knowing how to present the information skillfully will help you in giving a solid start to your job letter.

Too short or too long

Length matters a lot for a cover letter. These job letters are written to setup a personal communication with the recruiter and explain them about your job relevancy briefly. Longer letters will definitely sound ineffective. On the other hand, it is also not a good idea to use too short cover letters. It should convey the message properly to the employer.

Generic Information and Lack of Proof Reading

Do not make your letter generic. Target it to the position you are applying for. For the accounting positions, you need to focus on listing your accounting skills and related traits. Proof read your letter after writing it. This will help in reducing the spelling and grammar mistakes.
All these commonly occurring mistakes can be avoided with little care and attention while writing your cover letter. With proper attention and implementing necessary tips, you can design a winning accounting job letter


Monday, 5 December 2011

Sample of Accountant Resume Cover Letter

Accountant in any company is responsible for maintaining the records of the money transactions and inventory. It is the job of great responsibility and the person working as a company accountant should be well experienced and qualified to handle these complex job duties. The cover letter for accounting jobs should be well organized and include all the details that are not discussed in your CV. It is more personal compared to your CV. It must convince the employer in an effective way to hire you for the job.

Accountant Resume Cover Letter

The cover letter is a single page document and shouldn’t exceed it. It must include all the job relevant traits, major accomplishments, and specialized abilities of the applicant. When writing the accountant resume cover letter, you must preferably include all your accounting skills and the details of your previous job experiences and achievements during this period. A good cover letter will make a lot of difference in your job search and get you the desired job interview pretty easily.
Here is the cover letter sample for accountant job. Go through this sample to know how to write job letters for such positions.

Sample Cover Letter

Bruce S. Herring
952 Richards Avenue
Stockton, CA 95204
Telephone – 237-6786-5837
E-Mail ID –  your mail id.
Date – 6th October 2011
Jeffrey M. Baldwin
Chief Manager
Right Finance Corp. Pvt. Ltd.
3257 Crosswind Drive
Paducah, KY 42001
Dear Mr. Baldwin,
I am an experienced Accounts Payable Manager with strong background in accounting, strategic planning, finance, and information technology. I came to know about the openings for the position of accounts manager in your organization through the advertisement posted by you in the daily newspaper. The requirements for the job and the skills possessed by me match  and this makes me the most appropriate candidate for the job.
I have experience of more than 5 years working as an Accounts Payable Manager in a reputed organization. During these years of experience in the field, I have earned number of job specific skills. I have become proficient in accounting skills and using different computerized tools for accounting. I am a good team player and like to work in a team and handle the accounting records for the company. My efficiency lies in my ability to effectively interact with the patrons for attaining a wide range of business development and economic management.
Please find enclosed  my resume. Kindly consider my application and do the needful. I would be glad to hear from you.
Sincerely yours,
Bruce Herring
 Enclosure: Resume

This accounting cover letter sample for accounting job can be used to send along with your job application. This letter includes all your qualifications and accomplishments and gets you noticed by the recruiter.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Effective Format of Accounting Cover Letter

Effective Format of Accounting Cover Letter
      Accounting positions involve number of job responsibilities and the candidate applying for such jobs must be highly experienced and well qualified to handle these tricky job duties. It is not easy to get noticed by the employer when you are applying for accounting jobs. You need an attractive accounting cover letter to accompany your CV. This letter will help the potential employer to know about the applicant’s knowledge in accounting. To make your letter stand out from other applications, it is important to choose the appropriate cover letter format to highlight your details.

Accounting Cover Letter

Following are some important things to make your accounting cover letter noticeable –

  • Knowledge of the subject
  • Proficiency in managing various accounting software
  • Educational background
Your cover letter should display your interest and enthusiasm for a particular job. It should clearly show your keenness and ability to take on the workload of these types of jobs. You can use appropriate action words to highlight any particular job specific skill. For example, you can say “Reduced the non-executing assets by 25% within a single quarter”.
Enormous and proper research is exceptionally important before you apply for any job. Employers are interested in hiring the candidates those having prior knowledge about the applied job profile, company’s work profile, etc. Making sufficient research before making an application will definitely help you. The accounting cover letter format is similar to any other cover letter format. But it important to focus on listing details in your job letter.
Here is the sample format of cover letter for accounting positions. Fill the appropriate details in corresponding sections and get attention from the employer.

Cover Letter Format
Name of Applicant
Address and Other Contact Details
E-Mail ID
Name of the Reader
Designation in the Company,

First Paragraph
[First paragraph is the opening statement of the letter. Give your self-introduction and give the reason for making an application]

Second Paragraph
[It is the main letter body. In this part, give details of past experiences, skills, job related accomplishments, etc. Use bulleted points for presenting these details]

Third Paragraph
[It is the closing of letter. Thank the addressee for reading your application and the end your letter with a positive note]

Provide your signature at the end.
Proof read the details couple of times and check the flow of the information and any grammatical errors. Use same heading for the letter that you used for your resume. Know the name of the hiring manager and include it in your CV wherever necessary.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Job Winning Cover Letter for Accounting Positions


     Cover letters will introduce you to the employers and tell them why you are most appropriate candidate for the position. These letters are also called as motivational letters. Cover letter is a short description of your career details. Resumes are quite lengthy and difficult to read  completely when recruiters have thousands of resumes to go through. Cover letter will include your major job related accomplishments and other details expected by the employer and necessary for the job. It may seem difficult for you to write a cover letter for any particular job if you are unaware of the basic tips. Here are some tips for writing the cover letter for accounting positions. This accounting cover letter will definitely guide you in writing this type of letter to get attention from the employer.

Accounting Job Cover Letters
    The language of the cover letters is completely different from that used in the resumes. The field of accounting provides wide range of job opportunities. There are different positions in this field; however the basic nature of these jobs remains the same. When you are applying for any accounting position in any company, you need an excellent accounting resume along with a job winning cover letter. Going through this letter, employer will get complete idea of your existing skills, possessed knowledge and your experiences. Depending on the contents of the cover letter, he decides whether to call you for the interview or not.

Cover Letter Format for Accounting Jobs
     By sending the cover letter, you are improving your chances to impress the employer with your writing skills. If your letter is not impressive, you may not get noticed by the employer. It must look professional and be precise.
    The letter should be divided in three paragraphs. First paragraph will be the opening of the letter with greetings and your introduction. Address your letter to the concerned person. Know the name of the person who will be reading this letter.
    Next paragraph should talk of the abilities and skills possessed by the applicant. This is the most important paragraph where you have to convince the employer and tell him that you are the most appropriate candidate for the position. You have to talk about your interest in the position and the company. While talking about your skills and qualifications, make sure that your letter does not look tacky. 
    Lastly, you can thank the reader for giving his precious time and reading your cover letter. Request a reply statement from them. At the closing, sign the letter and give your contact number for any further assistance. Also provide your e-mail address for any communication.
    The accounting cover letters should include some terminologies related to the field. You can talk of your accomplishments and provide some facts and figures. Cover letters will mainly speak of your skills, hence mention your accounting skills in your letter.